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Button Up!

Julie at Damn great vintage sent me this link, to a pattern at MOMSpatterns. Isn’t it cute? Wait, let me rephrase that. Isn’t it CUUUUUUTE?

However, I can tell you from numerous tries at stitching necklines with a difficult square edge that you are going to have to either add piping or interface the heck out of that sucker. Seriously. neglect my weirding prophecy at your peril. otherwise it will curl up, as well as you will either have to accept the curling as an aleatoric style element, or you will be sneaking off to the ladies’ space to wet it down to ensure that it lies flat. Either way, it needs a fair amount of dedication.

But if you have a lots buttons as well as some interfacing (or piping), WHAT a adorable dress! I like the eco-friendly version with the red belt, which surprisingly doesn’t look Christmassy at ALL. possibly since it’s a sundress? I understand I’d like to make a eco-friendly version with flower-shaped buttons, as well as put the red buttons as well as belt on the mustardy-colored back view version. (And why is she pouting all by herself in the corner?) What combinations would you make? (Click on the picture to see the pattern listing, as usual.)

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