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Beauty Wednesday: summertime makeup

2018 Update: We still believe this is a fantastic discussion of summertime makeup for work, however you may likewise want to inspect out our most recent discussion of what to wear to work in the summer.
Ladies, exactly how do you modification up your summertime makeup for work? We haven’t talked about makeup tips for the summertime for expert women for a few years, (not counting my legendary evaluation of tinted lip balm last year), so let’s discuss. any type of Camiseta PSV Eindhoven new products that are must-haves for you for summer? any type of old products that have “still got it”? Which are your favored products for summer? exactly how do you factor sunscreen into the mix (if at all)?
For my $.02, I’ve retired bronzer (see Camiseta AC Milan you next November/December, old friend!) and have primarily been utilizing Nars the several for cheeks as well as eyes Camiseta SS Lazio at the moment. (I briefly tried Benetint again, which I’ve utilized for years, however it just isn’t doing it for me right now.) I believe I’m going to try to get into everyday utilize for my Bare Minerals foundation — it has a physical sunblock as well as evens my skin, so yay. however I’m excited to hear from you guys — what is your preferred makeup for summer? 
Pictured:  bareMinerals 20th anniversary Collector’s edition original foundation set (awww, 20 years!), offered at Sephora for $38. 
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