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I am officially a poor influence

India purchased a vintage pattern on Sunday, in honor of my birthday (I’m now 36, woot!).

Lo, here it is (from FuzzieLizzie) as well as it is made of great:

Those pleats around the neckline … marvelous. (I likewise eBayed a copy up for myself: who’s the poor influence NOW, India?) I’m thinking about adding piping to that neckline … whatever is much more fun with piping.

I would like to point out that if you need excuses to get vintage patterns, you really can’t beat “I have to get one; it’s the conventional observance of Erin’s Birthday”; like making a flag cake for the 4th of July (or, I don’t know, are there man Fawkes-themed cakes?), it’s just Something people Do.

And, speaking of not-so-bad influences, you ought to check out this wrap dress, modified for a member of our gown A Day junior auxiliary! I’m glad to know there’s a whole generation of little girls wearing great dresses as well as not mini-J.Lo ensembles.

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