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Happy new Year!

since I don’t drink alcohol, don’t care at all about college football (sorry Sis), and eat black-eyed peas about once a week anyway, new Year’s is ALL about the resolutions for me. and this blog (and my related sewing habit) will not escape unscathed from the resolution juggernaut, oh, no no no.

First of all, if you scroll allllll the way down and look at the right-hand column, you’ll see that I started this blog in may of 2005. 2005, people! That’s like two decades in blog years. This current blog layout is the Internet equivalent of a 1998 Toyota Tercel. Sure, it’ll get you where you need to go, but very slowly, and you can’t plug your iPod into the radio. So I’m hoping to do a refresh of this blog’s “look” before the fifth anniversary. (I’d also like to be better about responding to blog comments/email, even if I only manage to do so once a week …)

Sewing-wise, I have two resolutions: to set aside a specific time every week to sew (right now, early Sunday morning is looking good) and to sew three things from my fabric/pattern stash for every item that requires new fabric or a new pattern. (See that pic up above? That’s about 80% of my current fabric hoard.)

I’ve resolved, too, to be a better sewing planner — no more using up precious sewing time running out to JoAnn’s because I don’t have the right zipper. I’m going to make regular online orders of zippers and thread and other necessary notions, and if I don’t have the right color of whatever, well, that project will just have to wait until I do.

I want to be more diligent about adding my project pictures to the vintage Pattern Wiki and writing things up on Pattern review — I hope that’s a resolution you all share, too!

It would be terrific if I could say that I’m going to turn overnight into a more careful sewist — that all my patterns are going to match at the seams, that I’m never again going to press something into submission instead of unpicking it and doing it over, and that I’ll always take my time and make a muslin first. but if I did, I’d be setting myself up for failure … that’s just not gonna happen in 2010.

What are your sewing resolutions? and more to the point, how are you going to keep yourself on track with them? (I need hints!) Leave them in the comments.

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