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I’m just Resting My Eyes

I’m just resting my eyes for a minute on this coral dress on the right. Isn’t it nice? look at the roll of the collar, the little extended sleeve, the gathering of the bust to the waistband. So soothing!

I’ve always loved that color, too. I’m pretty sure I had a coral dress in junior high, although I’m having trouble visualizing it, which is odd. perhaps I only wanted a coral dress in junior high. I wore all sorts of crazy stuff back then. (Quelle surprise, I hear you saying.) I remember one outfit — a particular favorite that I wore to shreds — which consisted of a white floaty angel-style blouse, very loose and floaty, low-cut, with a collar and front tie, worn with a pair of very full, white, mini-length skorts. (Hey, it was Florida! In the 80s!) With my short hair I’m pretty sure I looked like a demented escapee from the Vienna Boy’s Choir.

This dress would not make you look like a demented choirboy. This dress would make you look elegant and unhurried. It’s on eBay; B34; click on the image to go bid on it.

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