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Artist of the week –Jimi Benedict ( Jimiyo)

Jimi BenedictWhen you really want to get in the top, you need to work hard, but you also need the most crucial thing: the talent and a very strong motivation. and when that motivation is love for art, then there is no way you can fail. Jimiyo is the living proof of a very hard working graphic designer who started with a sales job and ended as art director on both design by Humans and TeeFury in just a couple of years.
He lives in California, but he was born in Japan and he grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. His amazing passion for art made him quit his sales job and concentrate on his freelacing activity.  He has put his mark on every t-shirt design competition on DBH and he managed to win the most of them.
graphic desiner Jimi Benedictgraphic desiner Jimi Benedictgraphic desiner Jimi BenedictBeing the art director of both design by Humans and Teefury comes as a reward after lots of years of hard work and he genuinely should have it.
His artwork is absolutely original and meaningful, he likes to use certain images of symbolic significance, and animals take a very crucial place in a lot of of his artworks. His linework is highly in-depth and the amount of detail is astonishing.
graphic desiner Jimi Benedictgraphic desiner Jimi BenedictJimiyo is also ready to share his experience with every artist that is interested and really wants to succeed. His article, “How I Made $7500 in 3 Months With My Art” shares precious information for the reader, and is a useful guide for designers who have difficulties in managing their works on the internet. You can find the whole post here.

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