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Street Art magic on Cockatoo Island

street Art on Cockatoo Island
The diversity and dynamic nature of art integrated with the constant need to express it have led to the materialization of an inspiring project – the Outpost project festival.The event features the numerous faces of Street Art all in one place, everyday something different on Cockatoo Island’s large abandoned factories. This is the first of this kind taking place in Australia an is the result of a collaboration among curators from the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, Biennale, the Redbull X-Fighters and the regional film festival in 2012. It is revealed as mixture of urban and creativity, perfected by the talents of 150 people among which ROA (Belgium), Ethos (Brazil), kid Zoom (USA/Australia), Anthony Lister (USA/Australia) and the Everfresh collective (Australia). They will work on aerosol art, stencilling, paste-ups, sticker art, cup rocking, sculpture, murals and billboards.This project will also exhibit works from the 2011 Australian stencil Art Prize, a major t-shirt street wear exhibition. because of it the desolate area will come alive with surreal images and imploding art manifestations. young poeple are motivated to relate to art in its numerous develops irrespective of the place or form of presentation on the Cockatoo Island. The festival started on the 4th of November and lasts until the 11th of December, with a totally free entry.

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