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Another slouch Roundup

Yes, I am still consumed with cent loafers, so it’s time for me to share one more roundup of them with you.

In some extremely interesting slouch news, Bass has lastly come out with a low-vamp cent slouch (the Brookfield). I desire they were an update (but not this one) on the traditional cordovan Weejuns, a shoe I used constantly from elementary institution with high school, however you can’t have everything. (The menfolks can have updated Weejuns this spring, though.)

What you can have is them in white, which I believe is truly adorable for summer:

And being Bass, they are available in wide widths, which I appreciate, as well as they have more padding than most of the other slouches I’ve seen. (You may have to browse a bit for the white ones — I see them intermittently on eBay.)

I like these Franco Sarto Ivy slouches too, however I’m not offered on the suede, as well as all the non-suede choices are fake croc. I really, truly dislike fake croc (and genuine croc, for that matter).

I haven’t had a possibility to try these on (unlike the Brookfields) so I believe the vamp may be as well high.

These via Spigas Olsins are super-cute:

They’re on the costly side (~$100) however are on sale everywhere right now in random colors (including the dreaded croc) as well as a bright shiny orange.

(The via Spigas, keeping that wonderful snipped-off 1960s toe, don’t look so great on a wider foot, I’m sorry to say. If you have narrow feet, they will most likely look fabulous.)

This KORS MICHAEL KORS Harper slouch is cute, except for the carry sole. (Why, Michael? Why?) as well as they’re extremely expensive, at almost $200:

Aldo has a loafer, too, in black, brown, as well as red (red’s on sale!) however I don’t like the trompe l’oeil nature of the cent slot (you see exactly how picky I am?):

These Aldo slouches are a bit as well 1990s for my taste, however perhaps the 90s are coming back, now that we’ve almost exhausted the 1980s revival?

If you’re out as well as about as well as see any type of other cent loafers, please decrease me a link!

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