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The Hundred Dresses: Day 38

This is a completely new pattern! Well, new as in “I haven’t sewn it before/posted it before” not new as in “produced in this century.”

This is vogue 8460, and I lurrrrrrve it:

(sorry for the fuzzy image, click on the picture to see it bigger)

I know on the pattern envelope it looks like a party dress, but I have enough party dresses … Here’s what I made with it, shown with belt (purchased):

This is a good shirting fabric I purchased online sometime last year. here it is sans belt:

Of course, the pleasure in this dress is in matching those rainbow stripes!

They don’t match at the waistline, but that’s okay, the chevron effect on the skirt is what I was going for:

This zipper? This is probably the best zipper I’ve made in AGES. B+!

And the back stripe matchup:

I hemmed it with bright vintage hem facing, which I love. It’s getting harder and harder to find bright hem facing these days. (Also, I’m going to fewer yard sales.)

The take on stripes … you can see the facing rolling a little there, I probably ought to have understitched it:

Here’s a peek of the neckline facing. I zigzag finish my facings on the inside (and I also didn’t press this one very well):

And the back (the skirt’s not correctly positioned in this one, sorry!):

I’ve made this pattern twice much more because this one, and I really love it. It’s super-simple to wear (and yes there are pockets in all these dresses)!

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