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Gordon Holden and the sincere art

I will tell you from the beginning that with Gordon, you are in for some surprises, some art, some things you will like and others you absolutely won’t. but overall you will feel confusion. and start questioning, and then trying to find explanations and, thus, you will feel what we all felt before Google and all these convenient sources were available to describe it to us. You will get frustrated in finding the ideal caption for each stance.
To ease you in, here is what greets you on the homepage:
ENTERFollowed by this humorous yet “mute” image:
Gordon HoldenGordon has a special style in the very core sense of the word and creates what some may accept as art, while others will dismiss it. Either way, you will be taken aback by the imagery and their contrast, and choose to interpret it or give it an answer. It’s the pictures’ famous feeling that will strangely make sense for plenty of us and still render contradiction.
And because we are all sucked in by things that intrigue us, here are some of the collage type of pictures he puts together:
Gordon HoldenGordon HoldenGordon HoldenBut above all these crazy combinations and mash-ups, Gordon features some t-shirts that he felt compelled to create in buy to give the artwork a functional feature, an instinct which often comes after combining the imagery. What he does differently is to create something basic and meaningful instead of cramming together symbols and characters. film photography is definitely Gordon’s signature, who sees it as a novel aspect.
Here are a few examples of abstract popular culture that – like it or not – will break the pattern we got used to and make up for some exciting original designs.
Morrison LivesRomeo M. CrossPostmodernWill Smith MusicBitches n HoesFAD
And a little information that Gordon dropped and made me curious as hell – “I have actually started to make a new series of t-shirts that are not wearable. I’d much rather have people think about the things I make rather than interact with them.” See? now I have to see those and want to interact with them!
Speaking of interaction, be wary of the steep prices but do not hesitate to take pleasure in the irony – it’s art after all!

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