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The Hundred Dresses: Day 56

I hope you’re aren’t tired of vogue 8728 just yet … this is my absolute preferred one:


I’ve published about this before … it’s liberty Mark.


I even have a pair of shoes in liberty mark that match this dress.


Looking at this gown makes me so happy. I believe I may wear it once again this week.

I have a skirt made of this material as well, if by “have” you mean “it’s waiting at the bottom of the fix-it stack as well as will most likely turn into crude oil before I get to it.” I likewise have a small bit of this material left over (might have to hit up that Shaukat link up above) in this colorway, as well as some in a bright pink poplin (that was part of the Liberty/Target collaboration, as well as that I discovered totally by mishap in a nyc material store).


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