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Artist of the week – Maxx242 (Maxx Gramajo)

Maxx242Maxx242 is one of those artists who are interesting beyond their art and can amaze you with their own personality and way of living. He started as a talented graffiti artist, being a master of the spray can and surprised his friends with the results. very soon, he spread his talent towards all kinds of visual arts, from graffiti tattoo, drawing, typography, photography and finally to digital art. His is the best at bold letter forms and sharp line work. one of his a lot of popular designs can be seen embellishing some Osiris shoes.
graphic artist Maxx242graphic artist Maxx242graphic artist Maxx242Maxx’s clients include Pearl Jam, Osiris, popular stars and Straps, Tribal, 3rd Rail, Orange county Choppers, ODM, FOX Racing, Choppers Inc., Miami Ink, new found Glory, The Used, bad Religion, Sublime, Box car Racer, Yellow Card, Van Halen, Blink 182, Transplants, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Co., brilliant Video, local Motion, FEA Merch, soul Assassins, Guinness, Corona, GMC, Cadillac, and Vans.
graphic artist Maxx242Here are some things that you might not know about Maxx242: –    he was a great skater –    he is of Guatemalan descent –    he collects comics and toys (Macross, Spawn and star Wars) –    he tattooed the daddy (Paul Teutul Sr.) from American Chopper and participated in one of the episodes –    he was once inadvertently punched in the face at a party and suffered from amnesia for about a month –    he used to wear two pairs of socks in any way times –    before becoming the great artist that he is today, he used to have lots of boring jobs, like garbage man, cooking hamburgers, he cleaned out houses that would get repossessed by banks,  McDonalds, Kragen automobile Parts, and candy stores.  That’s a lot of jobs! His name comes from his old graffiti crew – 242 (CIA- call It Art). because the members of the crew played an crucial role in his life, and they influenced him a lot, Maxx didn’t wanted to lose that part of his art, so he attached it to his name.
graphic artist Maxx242
He is present in lots of events doing live painting, like he did for the Pearl Jam show on October 1st. You can see him drawing here Also, you can find a lot more about Maxx here

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